I suggest you ...

Hell! More blocks,items,mobs,and foods.


Add the nether, to the game with:
-Demonic cats(LVL.5)
-Demonic Hipsters(LVL.7)
-and Very angry rewiewers(LVL.10)
-God Of The Nether (BOSS (LVL.12))
Add more blocks:
-Portal: an teleport, with black and red colors..
Add more items:
-Demon meat (restores 5HP)
-Demon skin
Add more armors:
-Demonic shirt (with the flame colors..)
-Demonic Sword (red and black, and have a more style :))
-Nether hat (flame hat)
Thanks the reading.. If you have any problempls write a comment


272 votes
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    QuanKrisz shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hate it, doesn't go will with the theme of hipsters and players beating up angry video game reviewers.

      • matey1235 commented  · 

        Nether = Minecraft ripoff.
        Minecraft ripoff = Robby gets sued :D
        Robby gets sued = GAME GOES BANKRUPT

      • QuanKrisz commented  · 

        Read Above! VERY INTERESTING THINGS O.o xD

      • QuanKrisz commented  · 

        300 Vote: I write my facebook name, and u can spam me for questions xD
        400 Vote: If the idea reach this, is i eat my hat :3
        500 Vote: Just kidding, but if it reachs, i delete the idea xD
        600 Vote: Just for spam
        700 Vote: Not enoguh spamming
        800 Vote: Annoyning enough?
        900 Vote: Stop reading!
        1000 Vote: So u doesnt stopped reading?
        1100 Vote: Ok now finally stop reading!
        1200 Vote: Then, thats not my problem
        1300 Vote: So u wasting ur good time to read al?
        1400 Vote: Go to play some GTA
        1500 Vote: U have many free time.. no?
        1600 Vote: Ok my fingers finallly broke.
        1700 Vote: sfehfnrjkngm,dfl. pls call my doctor, i cant stop spamming :D
        1800 Vote: Ok i very verry sorry, but i taked 10minutes from your life xD
        And thats not my problem :DD

      • QuanKrisz commented  · 

        I know so...
        And also i answer something:
        1.Hell confirmed? Yes this is not same as the Zlock
        2.I didnt say this is a good idea, i just started this as a joke, but look i got many votes.
        3.If u dont like the idea, or u say "ohh derp this just a copy", i tell u something: all things in the world, is a copy of another thing. (u dont saw another game in the whole web, with 8bit graphics, retro styled, build-based, and rpg?)
        And free to comment negative and positive ideas too :3
        4.i just making smiles to your face :P :3 xD :3 :3 :3 :3 (.-.")
        5.I sayed: A whole nem dimension with new mobs on it,
        and more blocks NOT IN IT, JUST u can buy blocks from the "hell store" to build anything what u want like the normal world.
        6.IDK when i started this idea... and no rely from admins xD nm (joke)
        7.i now update it :DDD find the changes
        8.If u have any other +thing to add to this idea, e-mail me:
        If anyone send me i write his idea like this:
        -Player Ideas:
        -i want to make the nether hat, more noobish
        -add a noob minion to the boss or whatever
        LegoBox commented · April 07, 2014 13:03
        Um... I don't think so. They said that it's not possible to move and Hell is a giant space due to death happening all the time...

        Krisz: If the idea is accepted, i think the mods
        make it balanced.

        Anonymous commented · March 05, 2014 16:16
        guys this is getting pretty terrariaish

        Krisz: Yea, and terraria getting pretty

        demomoer commented · December 29, 2013 06:31
        use hell and underworld themed memes

        Krisz: thanks, done

        Kind of copies Minecraft's Nether idea. Be aware you may be sued for using this idea...

        Krisz: ok, but i worry, to u need to be aware because u . sayed similar, as 1mil people in the world.

      • Kralereth commented  · 

        Comments can be negative, so having lots of comments doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea

      • QuanKrisz commented  · 

        Uhm...Ok. I checked... and i uh have some job for skins :D

      • zkwinkle24 commented  · 

        I think it would be kind of throwing off the whole purpose of the game, which is being completely player built, which I guess alredy kind of got thrown off with the new world

      • DFeX_EPC commented  · 

        this is a good idea, if they add it i will keep on recommending this game. But if they don't ill still recommend it

      • LegoBox commented  · 

        Um... I don't think so. They said that it's not possible to move and Hell is a giant space due to death happening all the time...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        guys this is getting pretty terrariaish

      • quankrisssz commented  · 

        We really need a better game engine :/.

      • faustdonner commented  · 

        It's a nice idea if it is distant enough from other ideas to hells. It may be a nice future but the game still lacks basic stuff like a properly UI or a better game system (atm you are just farming gold and then build with it. Again and again...)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I want this to be a think :D

      • QuanKrisz commented  · 

        ok, thanks the cmments, and im planned a skin (32x32) to the hellboss. dwnoad link for the skin and the boss's fireballs: i post if i have 200 votes. and if you have some idea / skin idea tell me and i start crate it... And the idea is not a minecraft copy, i have an idea list: (Book1:Ideas to good sandbox rpg game). this is my first book/exercise based to ideas...i post more ideas ifi get 250 votes, and 20 comments.

      • demomoer commented  · 

        use hell and underworld themed memes

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