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Carfting, Materials & Recipes

Hi there! I wanna suggest you a new crafting system!


- Crafting requires materials and recipes
- Some crafting recipes requires crafting stations like: crafting table, anvil, oven, and so on...
- Crafting of rare items can fail and needs lot of materials
- You can get items from crafting you can't buy from shop easily like new furniture


- There are simple materials available in wilderness like: Different ores, wood, stone, leather (Some can be collected and some are drops of mobs)
- The materials simply spawn like the coins earlier
- You collect them by defeating them like a mob
- There are also rare materials like gems or special wood


- Recipes can be learnt with formulas you'll find in shop (some for gold and some for plat) or dropping from monsters or maybe just lying around in wilderness
- After you've learnt one, the formula will disappear (cause you've eaten it)
- You can now craft that item as often as you want (just need the materials for it :P)

Hope it fits nicely here :)

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    faustdonnerfaustdonner shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • AJ HowerAJ Hower commented  · 

        I could possibly make this work...
        First off, the whole recipe idea is out.
        Second, you need a Workshop Hammer to work on it.
        Third, no special wood or gems. That's out too.
        Fourth, make materials drop on mobs.
        Fifth, yeah, I like the idea of spawning like coins.
        Sixth, make there the materials in shop
        Now doesn't that look less like Minecraft?

      • de momoerde momoer commented  · 

        My super awesome 8bitmmo crafting system

        1st each type of mob will drop one crafting material 100 less often than gold. like the lawercats would drop whiskers. Hipsters coffee. Normal game reviewers magazines. And dires sharp foil

        2nd 10 dropped materials can be crafted into a block. Whiskers will turn into a pile o'whiskers
        coffee into a java block :). Magazines into a recycled stack. And the foil into a cutting block

        3rd 1 of each material block will be crafted into paper money

        4th 10 paper money is worth the equivalent 1 plat in store

        5th crafting is done by a crafting block

        6th there are two types of crafting blocks one that takes a day to make a PM and cost 2000g
        and that takes a hour and cost 15p

        7th making material blocks are instantaneous

        8th also wild mobs only drop material

      • faustdonnerfaustdonner commented  · 

        Ok guys...

        @ Joanne Dale - If you want to tell me something pls tell me why you don't like it and don't say "OMG IT ___COULD___ BE LIKE MINECRAFT! ITS AWFUL!!!!". And pls learn english grammatic.

        @AJ Hower - This game is InDev and a crafting system is already planned by RobbyZ. If you don't want to craft you can still buy this stuff from other people. But not buy them from "air". People get the possibility to earn money without just slaying mobs. It gets damn boring over time. People often do hate changes, but changes are needed. Look at the number of people who registered to this game and then how many people actively play. Maybe the system isn't done yet?

        @9Bit the Hero - Maybe crafting benches is crap. Then lets change that to crafting towers. Or crafting planes. Or how about crafting moons? Tell me with what you want to craft ok?^^ And crafting levels could also be a nice idea :)

      • Klemen702Klemen702 commented  · 

        It's not that it resembles minecraft,most games have it, it's just that the commentators are obessed with it :3

      • 9Bit the Hero9Bit the Hero commented  · 

        I don't like how this is exactly like minecraft almost. Adding a twist however would be great. I like the getting materials part very much, but, making crafting benches etc is kinda crap. Why not Crafting Levels?

      • ScratsoScratso commented  · 

        Would vote if I could, but I'm out of votes.

      • ScratsoScratso commented  · 

        But it is, aj. You need to have certain plat stuff to do certain things - which o e is cheaper? This or plat?

      • AJ HowerAJ Hower commented  · 

        The reason I say NO to this isn't just because it's similar to Minecraft, it completely ruins the game. This MMO is just supposed to be about building and occasional battles. Not "Go collect this or it's impossible to do that!"
        It's more of a tranquil game then Minecraft. You aren't irritated because you ran out of materials, or mad because you can't craft that one item. It's a game where you can be calm because you have enough money to get that last block to finish the house, or be A-OK because you saved up enough to get a Platinum item you really wanted!

      • Joanne DaleJoanne Dale commented  · 


      • faustdonnerfaustdonner commented  · 

        Umm... Why gold blocks? And youre explaining Minecraft again... (Furnace + Ore + Coal = Metal) This game is a simple one... We have to keep it simple. Maybe you just craft with the ores... Who knows? Let's see what RobbyZ thinks...


        1. A game is going to change over time... It's completely normal <.<

        2. Existing features aren't affected (or tell me where I've written that...)

      • BrunoBruno commented  · 

        i say its kinda of good addition to game but:
        -should not change what already exists in game
        -should only create new stuff
        for example we donw have gold blocks
        we would go to wildernes to search for gold ore
        then search for coal(or wood)
        then in a furnace we do the gold blocks useing gold and coal for the fire

        if all blocks were replaced it would be a totaly new game

        just some special blocks would be good

      • faustdonnerfaustdonner commented  · 

        Well ok... If anybody has still questions: ask me here.

        And thx for 86 votes 'till now! ^-^

      • DerpyTomYumDerpyTomYum commented  · 

        no I don't think its a bad idea but I think its just similar to games like minecraft and terraria and the fact is I don't really like those games. but all in all it is a good idea for a item craft system.

      • Saska KolehmainenSaska Kolehmainen commented  · 

        Cool! Maybe you could only go underground if you have the appropriate tools like shovel, pickaxe, axe... And then you could hold SHIFT to pick up the block/ore in front and one level under you.
        Also, basically, there's pretty much no way you can make TOTALLY new crafting system. Most types of systems are already used in various games... Anyway, very cool idea! +1 vote!

      • faustdonnerfaustdonner commented  · 

        Well... No.... The recipe system got nothing to do with the system in minecraft where you have to place your material in grids. It just means... You have formulas like cooking recipes, which you can learn. Its not like you have to hack yourself through stone until you find some coal (-_-). You can farm those materials in wilderness and if you have enough materials and a fitting recipe learnt you can learn it. I think every crafting system uses such elements. Please stop compare any crafting systems always only to minecraft. Its sure annoying -_- I watched out that it fits in this game. When its similar to other systems maybe, is it a bad idea??

      • DerpyTomYumDerpyTomYum commented  · 

        This item craft system does seem to be very similar to the one in minecraft

      • JM SwizzyJM Swizzy commented  · 

        This is a great idea, which is the reason why I support it :3
        You should vote for this because adding Crafting in the game could make branches to "NEW IDEAS" and features to the game.

      • faustdonnerfaustdonner commented  · 

        Well many games need crafting systems. At the moment much people like the game at first but kater they leave cause they have no real targets. They farm money at zoo, get some blocks, build and this again and again. This system will hold some new users in the game. And with the recipe system not everyone can craft anything!

        Maybe and addition:

        All items in the shop (beside plat items and things like clothes or the homestone) cant be buyed anymore. They have to be crafted instead, so people have to trade this blocks. So new players also have chances to trade a bit and a new game aspect is born!

        You also could make those recipes dynamic so people can create slightly different products. So some people might buy it from others cause the blocks of other people look nicer :) Every would get his own chance then. You could also limit the amount of recipes you can learn so nobody can craft everything!

      • FishCubeFishCube commented  · 

        This is not what the game is about. Im not just saying this because minecraft has a crafting system. 8 bit is about building cities and houses. Not survivng. The fact that it is mmo changes nothing. If it were an rpg then yes definitely but is not an rpg, just mmo. what does mmo mean? Massively Mustiplayer Online. This does not include anything about crafting. If it were an MMOPRG than it would be a different story but it is just online. We do not want crafting in the game.

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